What will be with EgoPay?

January 23, 2015 в 22:18

egopay closed At once some popular investment platforms were flown by disturbing news about system problems in EgoPay payment system. That's all would be very usual if business didn't go about fraud moreover from administration of this service.

EgoPay is rather popular for today, but it didn't come from nowhere. The sources of this project goes from Alertpay system which was divided into Payza payment system and EgoPay. Payza intended for work only in a legal field while EgoPay was the twin brother who with pleasure provided services for HYIPs and doubtful projects. The system worked good and had good functionality, and that is why became one of the most popular system of online investments. And was, till today's moment.

On January 8 this year, at popular forum, the representative of other payment system Payeer, laid out a disturbing post in which he was talking about withdrawal of quite large sum, 187 thousand dollars and 5 thousand euros. According to the representative, it was all available money which EgoPay could withdraw. Payeer provided services as an exchanger; the same sum had to appear on balance in EgoPay system but as the sum at the disposal of Payeer payment system.


The strange fact was that nobody answered on feedback and on all attempts to get the reason of such actions through Skype, or through personal channels, representatives of EgoPay didn't react and behaved very strange. Later there was a reason of such actions.

After a while, at the same forum there was one more note from the member of Payeer where it was told about total blocking of accounts with impossibility of refund. According to him, detailed monitoring showed that throughout a long period of time management of EgoPay, through various false accounts (figured out by the same provider), exchanged in small lots some sums, with subsequent withdrawal through Payeer system while the account of Payeer in EgoPay system was blocked from administration side. In a fact, clients of Payeer lost about 200 thousand dollars by such transactions.


But there is more to come. Some time later it became known of system character of such problem because responses of ordinary participants said that their accounts "froze" if there were large sums of money. Various exchangers, services and private clients - it is quite possible that account goes on hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Meanwhile service works, but apparently, it is an obvious Scam.


The similar situation meets not for the first time. So, a few years ago, similar way did superpopular payment system – LibertyReserve; though it was more "legal". The system was "shut down" by federal agency of the USA and all money that the system had - disappeared. Thousands of clients lost millions, and the crash brought negative consequences for a set of kinds of activity, including HYIP. EgoPay, in turn, cannot brag of such scope and scale of consequences, however that this Scam will bring troubles, no doubt.

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