What Refback is?

First of all let's in brief speak about Refback and what it means to you. Everybody knows that for attraction of investments into any investment online project you get a reward. For reception of this compensation it is enough to somebody come in the project through a personal link, register in the project and make a deposit.

Refback is a refcommission that is returned to you by the partner.

Refback has two kinds:

- percentage from the sum of referral deposit (fixed percent that is paid right after entering of a deposit by a referral).

Example: if in the project refcom is 5 % from a deposit, for each referral $100 you once get 100 х 0,05 (5 %) = $5

- percentage from income of referral (in this case commission is charges every day, the percent is calculates from the sum of referral)

Example: In the project with profit 1 % in day the commission is 10% from referrals income. Let's admit your referral bringing $100 and every day he will receive $1 of profit. In this case you will receive every day $1 x 0,1 (10 %) = $0,1

In this case you will get profit every day while it will be received by your partner.

Probably you think that these sums are insignificant, but believe, it is not. On a distance cents and units turn to tens, hundreds and thousand dollars, and you should not forget about Refback at all. It is very important.


At once I want to note a pair of unpleasant moments connecting with Refback which often met in a network. First, many resources at all do not pay Refback; motivating it with that thus they lose their earnings. But there is a fair question - why people should choose them, without receiving return of refcommission? Many different answers can be found in a network on this question - one promise you to "insure" your contribution, second guarantee megaprofessional selection with 99 % probability of earnings, third affirm that possesses certain "inside" etc. Certainly, 100 people - 100 opinions; but we think that it is dishonest in relation to a partner. The second unpleasant moment is connected with some monitorings which promise you 500 % or 5000 % of Refback. It is full nonsense - as to pay even 1000 % of Refback, they at least should return a half of your deposit. It never happens; they take these numbers «out of head». Do not come across on such cheap dodges - ask certain percentage of Refback from the sum of investments.


What can we offer you? It's very simple - Royal Investments give all refcom that received from partners. 100% Refback is a minimum on what you can always count. Plus we will often give additional bonuses; organize actions and competitions for our referrals. Follow us.


Plus for our VIP partners in section «Club of Aristocrats» we will offer absolutely delicious conditions of cooperation!


ACTION! Simply Best Refback. We are very interest in profit of our referrals - we are ready to offer you the most generous offer of Refback on the Internet. Sounds improbably - but it is. Simply send us a link to the best offer you can find - and we will pay you more refcom than our competitors! With us you simply receive Best Refback - without compromises.


(Time of the action is limited, the maximum sum of a deposit on the action - $300, for great sums we have our constant offers)


To receive a Refback from Royal Investments you should:


1) Register through our reflink (section «Club of investors»)

2) Register and make a deposit.

3) Through the special form in section "Contacts" send inquiry about return of refcommission.

4) To get your Refback - at once if Refback pays from the sum of the deposit.

5) If in the project Refback pays «from the income» - then we pay Refback in the end of your work with the project (send the demand with the sum of absolute profit).

Regulations of Refback charge - till 36 hours, in the weekend there could be delays - sorry for inconvenience. Usually - during 6 hours your Refback will be on your wallet.

We deal with: Perfect Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, balance of a celphone.

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