Types of HYIPs

December 23, 2014 в 10:40

What HYIP is? How to earn in HYIPs? What kind of HYIP exists?


HYIP is a high yield investment program which very often called a roguish structure, work by a principle of investment fund with high or sometimes huge profitableness. For today it is difficult to tell, how long HYIPs live, because, they have no offices and legal addresses in real life. For this reason, they differ from PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve a lot.

As a rule, investment in HYIPs can be compared with an investment of money in a financial pyramid that pays by means of new participants and attraction in the project of a considerable quantity of people. Thus, there is a food for HYIP and payments for first investors.


In most cases, HYIPs long-livers, experience some difficulties when the sum of payments start to exceed the sum of incomes. At this time there is a certain peak and recession of activity, as a result the HYIP is closing and stop to pay to investors. Fresh HYIPs in turn, vulnerable enough because do not have enough of clients.


All HYIPs divide into three principal types: Long-term, Fast and Mid-term.


Long-term HYIPs - small interest rates, payments are often, approximately once a week. With it HYIP investments become profitable enough business, but there are reefs. Managers which operates these projects, can be engaged in real business, securities or Forex, these are really working HYIPs. But, unfortunately, the majority of such HYIPs lives thanks to new investors and within several years are closed.


Fast HYIPs - lives not for long, about two weeks, promises high rates of income from 10 to 60 % for 24 hours. Investment in a HYIP of this kind is risky enough but if to find a correct approach it is possible to earn huge amount of money.


Mid-term HYIPs. Can promise from 1 % to 3 % in a day. Term of life varied from 1 to 3 months. Sometimes they can live about a year.


Having study all features and kinds of HYIPs, it is possible to make final decisions on financing of such projects.



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