Super Cup: New conditions for old participants

April 06, 2015 в 20:51

At once some updatings were made by administration of Super Cup project and they are important, so we publish it on our portal.

The first, more pleasant, news concerns promotion which founders arranged till April 15th of this year .

The first prize is "cards" of Super Cup project and their sum depends on your deposit which you will make.

So each investor has from 5 to 10 cards, depending on a deposit (min - 100 dollars, max - 600). In case a partner brought by you granted a sum from $300, you also have an opportunity to get cards. The more the sum, the more you will be able to earn in addition.

Following news is changes in one of investment plans. Administration of Super Cup insists that they published this message earlier and now the decision has come into operation. It is about withdrawal of all deposits from the project which were repeatedly reinvested or transer to "Passive Investor" plan. All other plans will be inaccessible.

Now, the highest deposit can't reach more than 7000 dollars, thus on high plans (except "Passive Investor"), it is possible to hold no more than 2000 dollars.

The administration explains that by creation of a network, but not for earnings and most of all they are interested in longevity of the HYIP.

NaVseh: The administration of this HYIP also decided to hold a small competition, with prize-winning places. Two possible optoins - news repost on the main site or avatar placement in social networks.

First option will make prize - 7000 rubles. The second - 600 rubles at once. A prize fund of competition - about 200 000 dollars so the budget is limited. All details on the project site.

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