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January 23, 2015 в 21:46

TCsgcDCYDloOn October 19 at forums appeared a new investment project -

The site gives all signs of a long-liver: pleasant design, conservative plans, technical support for all occasions, and official settlement account in bank. But give one after another. positions itself as a team that is engaged in trade in financial markets. Namely: Chicago commodity exchange, New York stock exchange and Forex. On each of the directions work several experts, and that is remarkable, the project continues searches of new directions of development, inviting specialists in trade in the different markets to its team.


Let's see, what income company offering to investors. Falling to this subject, we should consider that fact that the project earns on the commission from profit. This commission can make from 15 to 50 percent depending on sums and terms of contributions.

In the first table you see conditions for investments from 5.000 to 150.000 rubles. There are urgent and termless types of investments. At termless type the entrance barrier (from 15.000 rubles), and also the maximum commission of managing directors - 50%; this plan is the most unprofitable for the investor, but at the same time the safest as means can be withdrew at any time.

Profitability of other plans varies depending on term, and the minimum threshold fixed - from 5.000r.

Now we will look at the second table where we can see conditions for the sums of investments from 150.000 to 1.000.000 rubles:


In this offer we have the minimum threshold of 300.000 rubles on a termless investment, but the managing director's percent instead of 50% already makes 30%. Respectively term deposits depend on contribution term. Separately with managing directors are discussed options of placement of the sums over 1 million rubles.


Regarding methods of deposit and withdrawal - the choice is small. If in ways of deposit we can see popular systems like "Yandex Money" or "Qiwi", but withdrawal is possible by means of a bank transfer. Service has documents confirming registration as taxpayer in the territory of Russian Federation, and also signed contracts with payment contractors, and it gives certain credibility among potential investors.


Also the project has good extent of protection. A hosting from Koddos, SSL certificate from Comodo - a standard set for good protection of a project.


In general it makes impression of long-term and reliable company. To invest money for the termless deposit it is quite acceptable and risks in this case justify themselves. So far the team of the operating traders was engaged in individual trust management, and in September the project started to work in the direction to private investors and showed itself from the best part. We wish you successful investments and stable income!

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