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March 02, 2015 в 10:40

Screenshot_12 CoinClub can't brag of extraordinary design or unique technological decisions, but it is very reliable and resistant project that pays without any exception. And this is most important.

The foundation of the project was in November of last year when it appeared at once at all financial forums. On preliminary reaction from community it was possible to say that it is quite good project, but its destiny remains unknown. Initially affected a problem of "not ideal" design and scepticism in relation to administration. While most of investors preferred (and prefers) to invest in checked founders or to come along with popular refbringers, absence of both in this HYIP depressed many people. However, the situation wasn't hopeless and soon the project proved it.
Screenshot_28  About appearance of the project, we would like to sweep aside criticism from many clients about negligent work of administration in this direction. All the matter is that the design is unusual with tiled structure, a la Windows 8, we agree that it can't be pleasant to everyone. From that can be a wrong opinion on "clumsy" work, but it is far from true. In the end, the main criterion in an assessment of appearance should be an indicator of availability of all functions and orientation simplicity.

All that executed perfectly well.

Screenshot_2Besides main information, CoinClub constantly updates and develops many useful bonuses and actions, without prejudice to main work. Such high informational content (today, the project offers a news line on all key events in financial market), can't but please both simple inhabitants and inveterate investors and analysts.

Marketing of the project is presented by three standard plans, with profitability from 4% to 5% per day. Demands for payment are processed in automatic mode. Within marketing, the administration of the project made very impudent statement for return of deposits to all participants, in case of work suspension of HYIP. Such statement caused ambiguous reaction, we incline to that it is advertizing move for attraction of additional resources, but it's up to you to decide.

As opposed to a standard scheme of investment plans, the referral system is presented more interestingly and unusually. In total there are three referral plans, as well as deposit programs. Each referral plan corresponds to deposit program. Thus, an active investor will be able to receive various profitability from referral program, depending on chosen plan of his referral. In our opinion, such system will allow to balance some high rates on deposits on two last plans and to receive maximum benefit from the first, less profitable, plan.

All these components make a competitive HYIP which only starts entering an active phase of development. It is difficult to speak about further prospects, but in short-term option, it is a safe project.


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