Registration in Perfect Money

April 14, 2015 в 19:54

Screenshot_52Perfect Money company is very convenient payment system which enjoys increasing share of popularity at various categories of people and enterprises. First of all, clients appreciate this system simplicity in use and loyalty to various "schemes", including HYIP-projects.

And if you have no personal account yet, we will provide you an instruction how to make it.
First of all, you have to undergo procedure of questionnaire filling up, having followed "Registration" link which is available at the top of the main site of the company.

In opened window, you will see a registration panel, with fields for filling. Consider that such points as your first name, last name, residential address (city and country), and also postal index is obligatory data at registration.
But it is not the end of registration process yet. After providing all information and password, a letter with registration confirmation has to come to your mailbox (which you also specify at registration). In it you will be given, so-called, "client's ID" that will serve you as login.
Now registration in system is finished. Your login (ID) and password, and also CAPTCHA - all you need to enter your account.

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