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April 14, 2015 в 19:51

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Payeer is one of the most popular payment systems for investment into HYIP-projects. This system has two-stage authentication, and also has system of an internal exchange thanks to that it is possible to withdraw funds to cards, banks, or any other payment system. In this article we will tell you how to register a wallet in Payeer system.

On the main page, find CREATE button.
Screenshot_51Then in opened field enter your e-mail and a code of safety, also you have to tick off agreement with rules of the system. It is desirable to get mail for Payeer from mail service with two-stage authentication through mobile (for example gmail), otherwise hackers can also crack your wallet.

After registration you at once get to a private office, and can use services of system. Login and password of your account goes to your e-mail. In private office you can see your personal number of account and also wallets with money.

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System uses three currencies: Dollar, Euro, Ruble. For currency exchange use the Exchange button, and before you will open a menu of exchange for other payment systems. Also for this purpose you can use exchangers here -

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