Possibilities of trade partnership with Siblestorg project

April 05, 2015 в 19:54

11business-newsAdministration of Siblestorg project decided to remind all investors about unique opportunity to become a trade partner of the project. According to developers of this HYIP, this is non-standard offer, it means along with receiving increased referral commision you have additional financial opportunities, due to sales of "company" products of Siblestorg.

Specifically, each representative can make deals and extend goods in regions and other interested persons. From each such operation, you can receive 20% of the sum. Looks more than favourably though process is not clear yet. First of all, the question of reality of all this invention, because HYIP nevertheless is HYIP, not real activity. So far we didn't receive concrete confirmations from any person, but we will wait and someday we will notify if this person appears.

Administration of Siblestorg doesn't hurry to publish conditions of entry into representatives. So far they refer to feedback where each client will get personal conditions.

CoinClub: The project continues to going down. Yesterday was published news about (notorious) breaking of system in the most inappropriate moment. However, they didn't use classical "all money was taken away by hackers", because then everything would be too obvious. Nevertheless, money are frozen till renewal of the system which has to be soon.

Concrete terms were not given, but already next day there was a new note that recovery work moves in a full speed and the project just about to pay everything. Administration doesn't hide that there is no trust to HYIP, actually, the question is whether they will pay. Personally, we have big doubts, but will watch the end of this history.

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