News of 09.03.2015

March 09, 2015 в 20:30

1Install-a-blog-for-news1  Work improvement of Ewt-world project and bonuses from Geniusbank

First of all, we want to present a new HYIP - Ronex Independent Corporation. It started 7th of March, we will review it shortly and upload to our website Royal Investments so do not miss.

Ewt-world: Considering that the project in fact purely foreign (at domestic forums for a long time wasn't present), it would be possible to correct design. Nevertheless, HYIP fulfilled nearly a month and doing well. Recently we observe hyperactivity among CIS investors, in particular on mmgp so the project received a second wind.

The other day the administration of Ewt decided to please their investors with news about verification passing of the payment account in Payza system. For those who is not informed, this system prefers to work with legal schemes and similar "approval" - essential advantage for a HYIP so we are very glad to that.

Geniusbank: From now on, the project presets a bonus for all investors. It is simple and clear - bring more referrals with active deposits, a person with bigger number of active referrals will win the prize, extra cash. Nothing known about concrete sums yet, but the administration noted that monitors and other rating sites doesn't participate here. So the most active - dare. We have twofold opinion about this bonus. Is it a harbinger of future problems? However, we will monitor the situation.

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