MMCIS doesn't pay any more

January 23, 2015 в 20:38

8_mmsis_grupp_foreks_top_otzyvy_20Finally it happened - Forex broker MMCIS ceased payment to investors who enclosed means in indexTOP20. Thus, skeptics and skilled investors once again appeared to be right, when predicted collapse of MMCIS, naming it a financial pyramid.

The company draw attention of financial regulators for a long time ago, since mass advertizing of the indexTOP20 (20 best traders who ostensibly trade invest money on Forex), promising to investors more than 100% annual income. The system lived long till the pyramid start to feel lack of money. Konstantina Kondakova and Co switched on such a powerful marketing tool as external and media advertizing which are directed first of all on financially uneducated population. Advertizing on top Ukrainian TV channels, billboards, advertizing in the underground, sponsoring of every possible events - all that prolonged life of the financial pyramid for couple of years.


Already today the national commission on securities admitted advertizing of «МMCISInvestments» unfair, and obliged to stop any advertizing activity, but because of an inconsistency of the legislation (or rather its execution and control), its obligation was not accepted.


The mechanics of Scam is not new - the company declares that it goes to a new, more official level of activity and consequently identity verification will be needed. At first investors suffer from sending of necessary documents, then wait for check and only then find out that they can’t withdraw money. After numerous complaints the company says that experienced hackers attack and assert that soon work will normalize, but when this "soon" will come does not specify. The same scheme CleverCompany recently used.  So this is a good tool to foresee HYIP's death.


Issues with payments began this summer. As a rule, summer is very hard time for pyramids, and inflow to system was strongly slow down. Many accounts were blocked without access to withdraw; some payments were delayed for 2-4 weeks. There was an incident when payment was delayed for a year - this situation was described at MMGP forum.


For today the MMCIS company is already suffering in death agonies: there is mass spam on emails with an offer «to enclose 100 dollars and to receive a bonus of 25 dollars», that's frank fraud. In our opinion, mister Kondakov wants to any way keep the company afloat before the following parliamentary elections. Let's remind that he is 28th in the list of Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko that has high ratings on the eve of elections. After pass to parliament Kondakov will receive parliamentary immunity, and then simply close the swindle.


Now on the Internet there are a lot of trolls who in branches of forums and social networks assure that the company is full of life, developing, and that the most important thing - regularly pays. Do not trust, and withdraw money... if you are lucky. As some old residents advise to withdraw money from trust management of MillTrade as this company has the same founders, as MMCIS.


We wish you successes in investment. Be vigilant and do not risk the sums that will affect your lifebeing.


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