History of MMM 2011 our look part 2

January 23, 2015 в 21:55

ico_nakidka_3The operation "capture" of Mavrodi which took place in March, 2012, went more than successfully. By that moment, the debt grew exorbitant, and inflow, after holidays, fell to the bottom. At that moment, heads already discussed, how to nullify debts on semi-annual and even three-months deposits. Annual were not even mentioned. Heads started explanatory works with own structures, and increased ad expenses. However it was pure fraud and many Heads understood it. Disorders accrued, the debt raised, and "strangenesses" started occurring.
Everything began after arrival of a certain Israeli with code-name Konstantin Konstantinov. Nobody knew where he came from, but many people pricked up the ears. Even "official" statement of Mavrodi that "no strangers here" did not help. After him system problems came. Zeroing of all deposits, tranquillity mode (as a fact "no paying"), and backdating recalculation - the worst management could not happened. However, unambiguously was explained democracy ended and big bosses whom nobody knew before, will rule over from now on.


Is it worth specifying that such swagger did not please much, and some people spat on it (and were right). Top heads, such as, Andrey Tonkolitko, already left system and it was one more nail which was driven into approaching coffin of a financial apocalypse. Eventually, before Scam, they explained the situation and announced "restart". Nobody trusted to words that they will pay to "victims".


Actually, on it all victorious procession of MMM came to an end. MMM-2012 that succeeded, could not show those results any more which were before. Many "hands" left, or were discredited by "Mavrodi". Familiarity had character of treachery now, in system prospered theft and total apathy. Year of M-12 passed under auspices of continuous changes, scandals, intrigues, strangenesses, zeroings and accruing idiocy. Discontent increased even among the last of ideological heads who nevertheless wanted to make something accountable. As a result, this semi-unconscious being, under the name MMM-2012 was finished by next New Year when "leaders" withdrew remains of money and palmed off on "new restart" under noses.


Desperate attempt was made to overthrow of "power" and appeal to Mavrodi that the last time let know accurately "who is who" and what actually he thinks of all this. His quote about confirmed theft facts in system: "Well, they stole and what? You think that these 120 million means something to the system …". All realized that in the head of Messiah occurred financial, and not only, apocalypse and there was nothing to do here.


The subsequent work of system reminded desperate attempts to lift a dead horse. Restart of MMM-2012 and the beginning of MMM-2013 (it wasn't called so, but it was clear), was a pathetic show which attracted already very few people. Finally, after several months of work this version sank into oblivion. Gradually, the system came to that look in which it exists - a pathetic assemblage of semiliterate and not quite sane followers of a cult of Mavrodi who are ready to sell own mother to overthrow "something". Probably, it is also that purpose to which all this time the main pyramid-builder was going to.


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