History of MMM 2011 our look part 1

January 23, 2015 в 21:50

боThe history of new MMM, namely MMM-2011, originates as it is already clear, since 2011. That time Sergey Mavrodi gave official start to the child, having blessed it on overthrow of dollar and all capitalist system. According to him, he, as illegally condemned prisoner, learned sense of life and all real on the earth, understood that he is the one also has to make an apocalypse. In theory everything is simple, but in practice not everything is so smooth. No money, from property - naked apartment, but a pile of "admirers" wishing to find "the friend" and beat out from him hard-earned money. The situation is not the most favorable.

However for that Mavrodi have managed to do, leads him to a class of geniuses, no matter what they say. Literally for half a year, from scratch, at full mistrust, this person created a movement, in which your obedient servant participated (as the head), to engage simple citizens to bring enormous money and thus, even without having left the apartment. Here I will show, from own experience development of MMM-2011.


So, officially start of MMM-2011 is considered start of the main site, its PO and of course advertizing. It was in February as all of us know. However, in such things planning, break-in of solid initial team, permanent ideological and propaganda activities is important. All this occurred till 2011, in a form of a simple blog on blogspot engine where Sergey Panteleevich, word after word, disproved and explained to usual inhabitant "as it there actually was". So there was an "original" history of that happened to MMM-94, what secret games were created there to what it threatened and than could be. Stories were colourful, disputes hot, and Sergey Mavrodi was there, nearly national hero. Gradually, a circle of contacts and admirers began to raise, a number of articles increased much, time for prestart came.


This period wasn't interesting by something, however it should be noted a release of the movie based on MMM of 1994 year, and unambiguous advertizing of MMM-2011 in the end. Why founders decided to note Mavrodi's intentions to let out a new pyramid in a special order? And if it was within advertizing (and it was, de facto, advertizing) then who and how much paid for it? It remains secret, but the movie gained popularity, and Mavrodi - advertized also himself and his new pyramid.


Further everything went in old-school way. In February "official start" of the system, the site (or something like that) began to gain popularity, first gapers including me, and Mavrodi began to explain work all of this.


In general, activity of MMM-2011 could be characterized Gandhi's principle: "at first you are not noticed, then they laugh at you, then fight, and then you win". The first three points were matched, but the last was a discrepancy. But I'm run beforehand.


So, start of the system. That wasn't the worst time. By that moment as MMM began procession, there already was a frame of team of heads - the first people who were carried away by idea who charged themselves with a burden to be despised and cursed very first. They started literally pressing the system through in masses, arguing and squabbling in streets, enticing through the Internet and arranging epic verbal fights. Felix, Gubasaryan Sargis, Kolbasov Alexander and some more "first" are were that prop on which all this movement kept. Of course, it is possible to object, after all there was "Mavrodi", but he only channelized, idea and the movement, where and what to do. Without "hands" all this could be dumped in junk and he would be jailed right away right after he was noticed with a flyer of MMM.


During subsequent few months it was already possible to speak about growing development. Fruits of activity of "founding fathers" yielded the results. First structures began to appear "ideological" and "motivated" citizens. Leaders actively corresponded, conducted discussions and thought how to increase turns, everyone with own opinion: to earn more, to make so that the system work, depending on own motivation.


Gradually, the structure of system started appearing, operating authorities (Control and Auditing Department) CAD, appointed the first "the leader of MMM-2011". However, with honor and privileges, there was also a responsibility. As KRO was, in fact the first heads and the top management in system, on them lay responsibility (though indirect) for maintenance of MMM in working order.


Mavrodi, of course, advised heads and gave certain instructions, but the main brain storms took place between leaders and CAD - heads. By the time of approach of summer, inflow to system considerably grew; people started penetrating into work and push all this together with CAD that very facilitated the work. But then there was a problem of maintenance of "HYIP".


Then the decision on beginning of advertizing campaign and subsequent financial injections was made. Each structure (at that time some large branches, under this or that "leader" already worked) had to allocate the budget for advertizing and promotion. Advertizing was everywhere it could be, spared nothing. By my modest calculations, sums were hundreds of thousands. Stops, entrances, buses, subway were stuck, billboards were hung out, meetings were held, and rooms were rented. In a word - everything that could be, was financed. It was gold time, peak of development of the entire pyramid.


Further, everything went not so smoothly. Advertizing agiotage and maintenance of moral spirit in the pyramid demanded more and more resources. The speed which set Mavrodi when the gain of participants went to millions in a month came off real indicators more and more. When the site showed 5 and more million investors, really were 400-500 thousand people. It was also oversight from the top management when data were not analyzed carefully and quickly that led to incorrect reports. However dynamics showed menacing prospects. Eventually, it developed into Gubasaryan's discharge from a position of "the president of MMM-2011" and subsequent his unclear disappearance.


Meanwhile, business in system went quite tolerably. Inflow exceeded outflow, 90% of structures which were created at that time, were profitable and brought enough means to support all expenses on development of this system.


Problems began closer by New Year. By then, MMM showed slow down of dynamics of growth, a debt which by then increased many times (not least, thanks to annual and semi-annual deposits) already threatened quiet work of this system. "Outside" everything was more or less quiet, but inside there were talks about what to do. Annual deposits which gave to 75% every month nobody intended to pay. It was pure bait for increase in HYIP. Advertizing, in short. At the same time they did not want to let down, after all reputation is above all; but to count, let's say, 30% backdating was a piece of cake. So it would be, but life introduced some amendments.


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