Falling of Coin Club project

April 03, 2015 в 19:56

11mad-men-falling-manAt once some news from various projects were brought by this day so we hurry to share them.

And first of all, we will note a situation which happened in Coin Club. To tell the truth, a week ago, the project gave an unhealthy sign in work, introducing one by one actions, bonuses and various increases to deposits that as a result came into suspicions to many investors.

However, internal situation remained stable while yesterday all demands for payments were cut off. For many people, all this appeared suddenness, and silence from administration of Coin Club aggravated increase of problems and criticism. Now it is, almost, scam.

News which was published by representatives of Coin Club on the main page of the project, tells about a 48-hour delay because of application of local cryptocurrency, however such explanation wasn't pleasant to investors and, in fact, looks strange. Anyway, many monitors already placed Coin Club in scam category, so the situation, most likely, is stalemate.

NaVseh project still shows signs of work though many clients complain that payments were slowed down in turn that speaks about reduction of inflow of people and deposits. Yesterday, the administration published statistics on deposits and participants. We consider numbers of 70 000 dollars and 2000 active partners overestimated, though the project showed quite good initial results.

Yesterday HYIP declared expansion of work on foreign sector, having added Portuguese language. Considering general CIS orientation of NaVseh, it will be difficult.

Super-Cup reminds again of its birthday and gifts which each participant can get. This time the administration brought some clarity, now a tablet can get only a guest of action, while new participant can count only on 500 dollars. Detailed conditions of holding action on the project site.

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