January 23, 2015 в 22:18

What will be with EgoPay?

egopay closed At once some popular investment platforms were flown by disturbing news about system problems in EgoPay payment system. That's all would be very usual if business didn't go about fraud moreover from administration of this service. ...

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January 23, 2015 в 21:55

History of MMM 2011 our look part 2

ico_nakidka_3The operation "capture" of Mavrodi which took place in March, 2012, went more than successfully. By that moment, the debt grew exorbitant, and inflow, after holidays, fell to the bottom. At that moment, heads already discussed, how to nullify debts on semi-annual and even three-months deposits. Annual were not even mentioned. Heads started explanatory works with own structures, and increased ad expenses. However it was pure fraud and many Heads understood it. Disorders accrued, the debt raised, and "strangenesses" started occurring. ...

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January 23, 2015 в 21:50

History of MMM 2011 our look part 1

боThe history of new MMM, namely MMM-2011, originates as it is already clear, since 2011. That time Sergey Mavrodi gave official start to the child, having blessed it on overthrow of dollar and all capitalist system. According to him, he, as illegally condemned prisoner, learned sense of life and all real on the earth, understood that he is the one also has to make an apocalypse. In theory everything is simple, but in practice not everything is so smooth. No money, from property - naked apartment, but a pile of "admirers" wishing to find "the friend" and beat out from him hard-earned money. The situation is not the most favorable. ...

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January 23, 2015 в 21:38

Another failure of Kondakov

кондаков That was inevitable and that predicted for a long time - came true. The HYIP, under the name MMCIS, stopped the existence. Now officially and quite finally. A few days ago, the company closed the main site along with a private office, and also disconnected all support service, that having deprived of faithful investors of any hope for return of hard-earned money. Despite some share of a surprise (especially for loyal partners), this event did not cause special reaction among most of investors and analysts. ...

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