April 14, 2015 в 19:56

Ambiguous situation with Siblestorg

11422Meditation-Benefits-A-Way-To-Pay-Attention-300x275Just yesterday, Siblestorg project (Siberian Forest Traiding) which regularly worked before and charged profit, stopped customer service.

If to trust a popup window "planned technical work of the site" that has to last till April 15th. The situation is not absolutely clear as neither explanations, nor any concrete reasons was declared from Siblestorg because of that some investors took alarm.

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April 14, 2015 в 19:54

Registration in Perfect Money

Screenshot_52Perfect Money company is very convenient payment system which enjoys increasing share of popularity at various categories of people and enterprises. First of all, clients appreciate this system simplicity in use and loyalty to various "schemes", including HYIP-projects. ...

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April 14, 2015 в 19:51

Registration in Payeer.

Screenshot_49 Registration-in-payeer
Payeer is one of the most popular payment systems for investment into HYIP-projects. This system has two-stage authentication, and also has system of an internal exchange thanks to that it is possible to withdraw funds to cards, banks, or any other payment system. In this article we will tell you how to register a wallet in Payeer system.

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April 13, 2015 в 19:31

Suspension of charges in Swiss Golden

11shutterstock_123429226No, so far nobody speaks about sсam, and the speech will go about temporary (we hope) freezing of interest charge.

Quite so administration of Swiss Golden project (sg-investment) declared a few days ago. As it is specified on the main page, because of approaching (already past) holidays of Easter and numerous days off and holidays connected with this event, many exchanges don't work and as Swiss Golden works only "honestly and by real method", so interest will not be added. Temporary pause will proceed only 2 days, Sunday and Monday, and on Tuesday, the project will continue work in regular mode.

Nevertheless, despite such step, all closed deposits will be available for withdrawal, so if you have something for withdrawal - you are welcome.

It is quite expected remind of itself Na Vseh project which administration obviously doesn't want and not going to give up. On Saturday, all participants received a letter from representatives where it was told about "technical problem" and "large-scale outflow of means because of breakage of system script". However, in the same letter it is indicated stabilization and renewal of normal work. Were taken "cardinal anti-recessionary measures" and marketing is changed.

To prove that the project works as before, was created and issued a special "Fund of return" to all "injured" clients which will work according to a scheme of 20% of new financial receipts in the project . Charges will be able for withdrawal every time when they gained 10% of the sum and at that moment you withdraw all your sum - you will automatically leave Fund. In words it is quite good option for victims, but we will look as it will be in practice.

That to prospects, now Na Vseh project has much less forces and opportunities for the same effective work so we cautiously look at new round, but everyone has to draw conclusions by themselves.

One more promotion from Super Cup project, now - in honor of a great holiday. Every client can get from 100 to 250 dollars and sets of other gifts, depending on deposits and attracted referrals. More particularly about conditions of competition and about various gifts go to the project site.

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April 11, 2015 в 20:21

Fresh report and new information from Ronex project

11business-newsPotentially successful Ronex project that last two weeks was in calm, updated information on work today.

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April 10, 2015 в 19:29

Na Vseh does not maintain loading

112problemJudging by arriving information from various sources, Na Vseh project has serious problems with payments and irreversible character.
A few days ago, the project pleased participants with payments and fast move of line, so nobody has doubts concerning its work. Nevertheless, and we focused attention on it, Na Vseh had very difficult and "fast" marketing which will not allow administration to work for long-term prospect. It seems that appeared so. ...

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April 10, 2015 в 19:28

Poker Automatics project updating

1111update-stock-imageAdministration of Poker Automatics presented an updated version of the page concerning step-by-step instruction registration in the project and investments.
New version of page has simplified view and more concrete explanations. Each point has corresponding links to those actions which a client should undertake, as in registration or depositing case. ...

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April 08, 2015 в 19:27

Marketing updating of Na Vseh project

11The administration of Na Vseh presented a new, third pool for investments. It was made, according to founders, for more comfortable, profitable and fast work of the project.

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April 08, 2015 в 19:25

News of Swiss Golden Invesment Community

Screenshot_2Dear partners of Swiss Golden Invesment Community company. We have for you next pleasant news. Our company opened representation in London. Now we are officially registered in England. Registration number of our company in company register of England is 9524452. You can check information on registration of our company here http://wck2 We have a band new certificate of SSL protection.

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April 08, 2015 в 19:23

Latest news from Swiss Golden Investment project

1654Breaking_NewsFor today, the administration of Swiss Golden Investment published at once some news. First of all, about new certificate of SSL protection that replaced the old one. What was reason or whether there were problems, representatives didn't tell. For fans of feedback, new regional number is already added, technical support of Swiss Golden Investment operates with channels in Russia, Ukraine and England now. ...

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