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In muddy waters of online investment is difficult enough to find worthy and qualitative projects. Our experience in this sphere allows us to analyze effectively the market of the industry, choose the best for you. «Club of investors» of Royal Investments is a place where you can find actual, perspective and qualitative investment projects. Trusting us – you trust in real professionals.

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September 28, 2014 в 11:46

NanoIndustryInv -

125-ruDRAFT NanoIndustryInv - start date 15/01/2014
Plans: 7.5% -15% per day, 40% -250% in the week. $ 20- $ 500,000
Reference system: 20%
Accepts: PM, EgoPay, Payeer
Register: NanoIndustryInv
Our deposit: $ 200
Do you have any questions, please contact us on Skype! ...

allhyipmonallhyipmon investorsstartpage
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November 11, 2014 в 08:16

News from 10.11.2014

NEW: - new mlm design, nice design, good technical training: script H-script, a dedicated server with anti-h-ddos, ssl certificate from comodo; yield of 33% of net profit for the three days + special plan with a limited number of places. We will monitor the development of the project.

LATEST SCAM: - project worked 28 days and sent to the bench, the administrator has not given any money to the depositor.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:43

2 How to find a new project

First of all it is necessary to define a circle of Internet resources which specialize on acquaintance of potential investors with new appeared projects. Among basically small list of such resources: advertizing resources, fact-finding and informational.

Of course the biggest sector is advertizing resources. After all owners of projects are interested in that investors as soon as possible could familiarize with their projects. First of all, I would put various monitors to advertizing resources. For HYIPs this service is chargeable. But on monitors, most likely, a HYIP will appear first.

Fact-finding resources. These are various blogs and portals where the information about HYIPs takes place. Here you can find much better selection of projects.

Informational. These are forums devoted to our subject. Here it is possible not only see practically all new HYIPs, but also to check up solvency of each project practically in real time that will help to choose a subject of investment.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:45

3 Criteria of good project

I warn you at once; all following criteria come across in HYIPs extremely seldom. Therefore always looked and check projects on maximum match of these points.

1) Technical quality of a project:

Hosting, protection of data transmission, antiDDoS;

2) Unique design;

3) Grammatically and creatively executed texts, including foreign languages;

4) Correct and operative work of support;

5) Neatly verified and calculated interest rates for investment plans and referral program;

6) Terms of project work;

7) Total amount of investments of HYIP owners in advertizing and development of the project;

8) Positive feedback about the project at forums, social networks, sometimes in offline;

9) Absence of abuse stability of domain zones and payment systems;

10) Absolute and stable solvency.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:47

4 Is it possible to to earn in HYIPs

I say confidently and unequivocally: «Yes,  it is possible to earn in HYIPs.»

You can use "hit and run" method. That is. On start of any good project put money without fear. While HYIP owners cover their expense, they will not stop payment. Therefore, having enclosed means in such project on start, it is possible to withdraw with profit and forget about the project. But. You should use such project as much as possible. There are not much of them… Therefore it is necessary to define a point of exit. The question is - when. If expenses for the project were big so recoupment will be long also. Also many projects at development put considerable sums in advertizing and promotion. It adds life to a project, and as a result profit to investors. Using a complex approach to investment in HYIPs, reinvesting and inviting partners, it is possible not just "earn", but double the starting sum. Simply not to forget about sense of proportion and watch for "health" of the project.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:49

5 HYIP industry as a way life and earnings

Hold your horses. This is key word combination. Learn to understand subtleties and nuances of site structure from user point of view. Check constantly new tendencies and trends. Watch for successful administrators. In time you'll be able to earn and become a part of the industry. Here always there will be a place for a person who really wants to work and earn. But do not wait that money will fall from the sky. They should be earned by work, experience and intuition.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:50

6 How long live HYIPs

From one day to several years. Terms of life are not only a consequence of qualitative preparation. Though, it is a rule, but there are also exceptions. Inexplicable and improbable. When frankly weak project show very good results of work. But it is not necessary to hope for good luck. Follow simple rules of projects selection. Try to stay not for long in HYIPs which term of work directly depends on inflow of investors’ means. Despite seemed stability, in such projects all can come to an end quickly and it is absolutely unpredictable. As practice shows, even in the most powerful and serious project it is not necessary to put means «on increase» after 6-8 months of work. After all, it is possible to do profit from earned profit, without risk of basic means. And the most important. Always follow common sense and don't be greedy. It will be pledge of your successful advancement in HYIP industry.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:51

7 Hot having some spare money to get profit

First of all it is necessary to understand that there is a real profit and pseudo - profit. Pseudo - profit you could receive, investing or placing money in traditional ways. Put money for deposit in bank, for example, or in gold and other valuable actives. But you, most likely, do not receive real profit on these investments. The matter is that while your money will earn to you any dividends, inflation simply makes even buying ability of this income. Thus, your money after some period of time simply will not devalue. But also will not bring profit. To get real profit, you need high turnover of means and high interest rates, rather than offers traditional investment directions. And, frankly speaking, here HYIPs do not have alternatives. Simply and risks here are non-comparable with bank deposits, for example. Therefore always follow moderation and discretion in HYIP investment. In that case you really will manage to receive profit and grow professionally.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:53

8 Strategy and tactics in Fast

Fast - most profitable and, accordingly, - most risky kind of HYIPs. Practically 100 % - pyramids. How to get profit in fast? Very simply. At first check the project, then make a deposit. As a rule, fast offers short investment plan designed for a day, rarely 48 hours. Here you should deposit. At the end of period withdraw the deposit with interest. That's it. As a whole such tactics at faultless definition of a project make stable profit. But in such projects very fast decision-making is required. And it can lead (and will, sooner or later!) to mistakes. Therefore do not stake only on fast. It is better and safer deal with mid-profit and low-profit HYIPs. Lower is a payment for absolutely other level of risks.

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December 05, 2014 в 21:54

9 Hot to lean profitableness of a project

When come to fast you see that the most minimum profitableness offer by the project, is, for example, 103 %, it does not mean that 10 dollars will turn into $20.30. Real income you can count as follows:

100%, from declared in the project 103%, it is a body of the deposit, and remained 3% your earnings. Don't forget about commission for transaction of payment system by whom you made the deposit. After that you can understand, how much profit you get «in hands», so to say.

In mid-profit everything slightly differently. There are a lot of plans with various variants of payments. Including daily partial payment on interest or body of the deposit. And also there are variants of chargeable commissions and other payments with each such transaction. Do not hesitate to use calculator that projects often offer. After all to estimate degree of risk, you need to know and that, for what, actually, you struggle in each concrete project. Especially at present stage of HYIPs development when interest rates are frequently veil in the advertizing purposes and for attraction of investors.

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