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To start earn on betting, it is necessary to pass an uneasy way from the beginner, to the professional. A way from hazardous entertainment, to serious, stable work. Though this is uneasy way, but it worth it. As a result you get a job of your dream where only you decide when you work and how many you earn.

Betting - a contract conclusion about an outcome of sporting event (a match, game). Contracts deal with betting shop (BS) and exchanges of bets, and each Capper (a person who bets) tries to win more often. Best BS are Pinnacle Sports, WilliamHill and SBObet. Here always a wide choice of sporting events, wide enough lines (different variants for bets, such as «quantity of yellow cards in a match» etc.), at successful game they won't cut your limits (the maximum size of bets), and without any problem will pay a prize of any size.


The main thing of this earnings consisted in the following. You register in one of BS, fill up your account for the desirable sum, and choose game event on whom you would like to bet. Each bet has odds. For example, you want to bet on a victory of team "A" $1 where the odd is 2.5. In case of victory, your bet come back to you at a rate of $1*2.5=$2.5, that is $1.5 of net profit. In case of loss, you lose $1. Accordingly, the more often you win, the more you earn. Odds at each outcome are different, also could float in a range from 1.01 to several hundreds, and even thousands. Odds depend on probability of an outcome. The less probability, the higher odds are promised by bookmakers.


Before start forecasts, it is necessary to be prepared seriously. First of all it is necessary to get financial strategy.


Financial strategy - a set of certain rules of management of the capital at fulfillment of bets. Many people lost their deposits not because they guessed insufficiently. Simply betting different sizes in a chaotic order, you can earn less and lose more. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to put things in order in management of your money.


Actually, it is not so difficult and boring, as it seems. There are some simple and proof financial strategies:

Flat game - bets of fixed size. It is necessary to divide your bank on 10-20 identical parts, and each time bet the identical sums in a size of one part (5-10 % from bank). Despite the "primitiveness", this strategy is one of the stablest and safe. Yes, you could not earn much at once, but, at unsuccessful game it is almost impossible lose all your deposit.

Fixed profit. It is very similar to flat, but here the size of profit is fixed. The more the odd, the less the bet, and the other way round. The size of fixed profit also should be in limits 5-10 % from your current bank. For exact calculation of a bet size use this:


The size of desirable profit / (coef - 1)


Example: $10 (desirable profit) / (1.8-1) = $12.5


That is, for reception of $10 at odd 1.8, we need to bet $12.5

Percentage from bank. One more simple strategy. The main advantage - you can't lose your bank completely. Second advantage - at wins you earn more, at losses - lose less. Well and the third advantage - it is really very simple in application. We choose certain % from bank (in our favorite range from 5 to 10 %), and bet in this size. After calculation of a bet, we again take the same %, and calculate it from current bank. If last time we lost, % paid off from smaller bank, and the sum as a result will be less. If on the contrary, won, our bank will be more and % from it accordingly too.


After you defined with financial strategy, it is possible to begin with game strategy. On open access there are no ready decisions which will allow us to win at once more than to lose. Each Capper develops in due course of time own system, taking for a basis any of already existed. The most popular strategies are overtake (or Martingale), arbitration situations (or "fork"), value betting etc. Mainly strategies are based on an estimation of events and the analysis of statistics, or on mathematical schemes (taken from casinos), or on search of mistakes of bookmakers. Sometimes even nonconventional methods, like astrology, numerology etc.


It is better, if your strategy well think over. But first of all, you should not bet on whatever, each bet should be logical, and based on a careful estimation of forthcoming game event. No mathematical formula will rescue you, if you lose much more often, than win.


As a result, having reliable financial and game strategy, you can begin with forecasts. The main thing, do not forget to do conclusions of each your bet, whether it be a win, or loss. In betting there is nothing more valuably than experience and only having enough work, you can get to real professional grade.


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