Basics of investment

December 23, 2014 в 10:55

Any person, who knows, what for to put up money, should know bases of investment to have possibility to provide to him a constant passive income that will not depend on various circumstances. What to begin with? All begins with decision-making. Many people don't understand, where to put up money, therefore postpone this moment for that time when they will start to earn more money. It is one of the most widespread mistakes. Actually, if there is no resolution, various projects that demands investments, will not start to work. Needs are raise together with incomes. Therefore start to save money now and begin studying of investment bases.

The author of «The richest person in Babylon» recommends saving not less than 10 % from all incomes. The author says that more necessary not only to save, but also invest. If you don't know how to correctly put up money, but already interested in investment, it is necessary for you to continue to study bases of investment. After reception of any income, we take 10 % from the sum and put it in safe place. For this purpose you can use ordinary envelope with an inscription - for investments. If you don't want to store money in your house, afraid of stealing or anything else, open a deposit in a bank. Try to choose the best interest rate for deposit thus will help simultaneously get profit and make investments, as bank deposit is already investment. While your money works in bank, you can decide where else to put up money.


A bank is the most easiest and popular way of investment. For this purpose it is not necessary to make a description of the investment project and bother with various trifles, and you don't need risks estimation of investment. In this case, you risk nothing, but, unfortunately, there is one essential disadvantage - small income.


One more kind of investment - bonds. It has a set of advantages:


- Reliability - you buy bonds of companies


- Get profit


- You can sell bonds without loss of interest at any moment


Stocks are for those who are looking for the best ways of investment. Advanced investors use this way.


Speculative trade - to begin with, you need to find out, where it is best to open a deposit and work with a broker. This work, as a rule, can be done by means of the Internet.


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