Ambiguous situation with Siblestorg

April 14, 2015 в 19:56

11422Meditation-Benefits-A-Way-To-Pay-Attention-300x275Just yesterday, Siblestorg project (Siberian Forest Traiding) which regularly worked before and charged profit, stopped customer service.

If to trust a popup window "planned technical work of the site" that has to last till April 15th. The situation is not absolutely clear as neither explanations, nor any concrete reasons was declared from Siblestorg because of that some investors took alarm.

If it is remembered that many clients complained before of delays which took place recently. As well as then, the administration didn't comment such information that not well characterized the project.

Now - 2 days of work stop and many investors are complain. Lack of clarity of the situation also adds that this information, a window on the site, is not available for everyone, but that the project suspended payments is a true fact.

We hope that the situation will come back to normal and already tomorrow the administration of Siblestorg will accept necessary actions. Otherwise, all this can end up with problems and subsequent closing.

Super Cup project continues to roll out new promotions. The first action belongs to plan "Lotto" where depending on your contribution, you can receive from 5 to 10 tickets, including your higher sponsors. Period of validity of this action - till April 20th.

The second action is going at involvement of general bank of the project, to be exact - 10% of all investments. Promotion is designed for the best sponsor where each participant with a contribution from 500 dollars, can expect to win in competition. The only restriction - deposits from Perfect Money payment system don't participate in competition. For more details go to the project site.

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