9 Hot to lean profitableness of a project

December 05, 2014 в 21:54

When come to fast you see that the most minimum profitableness offer by the project, is, for example, 103 %, it does not mean that 10 dollars will turn into $20.30. Real income you can count as follows:

100%, from declared in the project 103%, it is a body of the deposit, and remained 3% your earnings. Don't forget about commission for transaction of payment system by whom you made the deposit. After that you can understand, how much profit you get «in hands», so to say.

In mid-profit everything slightly differently. There are a lot of plans with various variants of payments. Including daily partial payment on interest or body of the deposit. And also there are variants of chargeable commissions and other payments with each such transaction. Do not hesitate to use calculator that projects often offer. After all to estimate degree of risk, you need to know and that, for what, actually, you struggle in each concrete project. Especially at present stage of HYIPs development when interest rates are frequently veil in the advertizing purposes and for attraction of investors.

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