7 HYIP investment rules

December 23, 2014 в 10:38

HYIP is one of the most risky kinds of investment that can be compared with gambling. In HYIPs, as well as in a casino, profitableness is very high. But unlike purely venturesome institutions, in HYIPs all depends not only on luck, but also on observance of certain rules. If to adhere it, the risk will be reduced to a minimum, and you receive stable source of income.

Competent management of your capital. In this short thesis at once some rules actually are put:

Do not invest all your money in one project! Divide into several projects ("diversification"), it's a corner stone of all investments, from HYIPs, to super reliable securities.

Do not invest such sum which is critical for you to lost! No matter how reliable it seems, the chance to lose all still exist.

Do not invest borrowed means for investment in HYIPs! They say loss of other's money not so insulting, as own. But, eventually, it is necessary to pay debts, also with interest.

Do not become addicted! There are a lot of situations when people invest in one project, lose all, in thirst to win back find new sum of money (salary or credit), search for offer that approaches for interest rate and terms and lose again, and it goes endlessly. Despite expression «HYIP is a game», do not take it for granted! The more seriously you will approach to business, the more quickly you transform game into stable earnings. Do not let such situations when you could lose a large sum that you should "win back". Because, when you try win back at once, you, most likely, will lose even more. Your aim – is stable earnings in several projects instead of hitting the jackpot in another sweet offer.

Do not throw business halfway! It would seem that this rule completely contradicts the previous one. But we are talking about long training. Test different strategies, get more connections, make a team, learn to find referrals, and make a name of yourself on the Internet. The more productive time you devote to this, the bigger you will achieve in a result.

Sooner or later, it is necessary to withdraw. As though the project reliably looks, and its legend competently would be, sooner or later it will be closed. Therefore you should solve accurately for yourselves when and under what circumstances you will start to withdraw your money.

Do not invest spare cash anywhere if there are no good variants! Is this situation familiar to you? When you have money in your wallet, bur there is no good projects and you want them work. Then, you deposit in a project that looks less terribly, than the others. It comes to an end with usual loss of money. The rule is simple: money not always should work; it's better to keep them.

Don't be investor on his/her own. Try to find to an instructor that works for a long time in HYIP industry, and has communications with founders of projects, advertisers etc. First, it will help you to understand more quickly what's what, and it is easier to choose reliable projects. Secondly, many instructors always defend with might and main for the team, and even in case of losses tries' to achieve return of deposits for the people. You hardly can achieve positive result in negotiations with managers of projects.

Earn by means of referrals! The majority does not love and not able to invite people, someone even condemns this business, but it is one of the most powerful factors of your earnings! If you learn how to invite people, build teams, and earn referral bonuses, you won't lose in any project; you'll be able to invest without risk large sums and earn respective interest.


Adhere to these simple rules, and stable earnings in HYIPs are guarantee. The discipline always leads to success absolutely in any business!

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