6 How long live HYIPs

December 05, 2014 в 21:50

From one day to several years. Terms of life are not only a consequence of qualitative preparation. Though, it is a rule, but there are also exceptions. Inexplicable and improbable. When frankly weak project show very good results of work. But it is not necessary to hope for good luck. Follow simple rules of projects selection. Try to stay not for long in HYIPs which term of work directly depends on inflow of investors’ means. Despite seemed stability, in such projects all can come to an end quickly and it is absolutely unpredictable. As practice shows, even in the most powerful and serious project it is not necessary to put means «on increase» after 6-8 months of work. After all, it is possible to do profit from earned profit, without risk of basic means. And the most important. Always follow common sense and don't be greedy. It will be pledge of your successful advancement in HYIP industry.

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