4 Is it possible to to earn in HYIPs

December 05, 2014 в 21:47

I say confidently and unequivocally: «Yes,  it is possible to earn in HYIPs.»

You can use "hit and run" method. That is. On start of any good project put money without fear. While HYIP owners cover their expense, they will not stop payment. Therefore, having enclosed means in such project on start, it is possible to withdraw with profit and forget about the project. But. You should use such project as much as possible. There are not much of them… Therefore it is necessary to define a point of exit. The question is - when. If expenses for the project were big so recoupment will be long also. Also many projects at development put considerable sums in advertizing and promotion. It adds life to a project, and as a result profit to investors. Using a complex approach to investment in HYIPs, reinvesting and inviting partners, it is possible not just "earn", but double the starting sum. Simply not to forget about sense of proportion and watch for "health" of the project.

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