12 noob mistakes

December 23, 2014 в 10:37

The majority of financial losses could be avoid easily if all of us do not make silly, and not so, mistakes. All mistakes are quite standard, passed through them overwhelming majority, and only clever manage learn not on private bitter experience, but on another's.


All mistakes can be divided into two groups:

1) From a lack of the information and experience


2) From greed and from laziness


If the first mistakes corrects quickly (as soon as "begun to see clearly") with the second many could struggle eternally. So, what we come with experience:

Don't invest in the project, without having found real responses. Simple rule: there are no responses - there is no trust! It is necessary to search for actual responses at investment forums, blogs, in Skype-chats of the project, monitors etc. Be not convinced yet of a reality of contributions and payments, do not invest.

Don't invest in projects where there is no communication with administration. If in contacts is not present neither Skype, nor online adviser, and by mail the answer goes to you more than a day - do not invest in this project. In case you will have a real problem (issues with deposit, or it will be necessary to replace requisites), nobody will help you. This is 100 times offensive of usual scam as you could not already withdraw anything, but other participants continue to earn.

Don't trust stories of administrators. Many of us like to talk with administrators "heart-to-heart". Through hours of chatter, we already known about marital status of the administrator, about what it is a decent citizen in reality and as he is bothered by all these infinite scams. As soon as the story took us for soul, and we deposit for support of a great cause, the administrator fix the net profit, and went to process the following interlocutor. But we will take even a case with the fair founder! What do you think an adequate person should respond to questions «How long will work the project», «When the project will be closed», «Is it possible to invest 100-1000-10000» etc.? If he respond «one more week», «the day after tomorrow», it «are not necessary», the panic begin immediate, and the project will die in 5 minutes. Therefore do not wait from administrations of fair answers to silly questions.

Don't invest in a project only because there are a lot of people. The phenomenon is called «herd instinct» and it is complicated enough, because crowd is not always making mistakes. Simply you should not make a start from quantity of people. Analyze the whole project, try to find out, who is at wheel and if the founder with reliable reputation set of participants will help to keep the project afloat as long as possible. If there is a scamer, as soon as payments will start to eat contributions, «the shop is closed».

Don't invest money anywhere. Beginners, having heard about diversification, start to stuff the money to 10-20 and more projects just for «not to hold all eggs in one basket». That's right. Only here realization is limped. Projects of poor quality opens and closes by packs, therefore this is not a diversification. Choose 3-4 good projects, than 10-20 of any quality.


Now let's speak about "greed" mistakes, to correct which is more difficult:

The exchange of digital currencies at unknown persons because of a favorable rate. You will send them money, and in exchange already receive nothing. Use trusted exchangers, besides courses now everywhere are quite adequate.

Napoleonic plans. Having chosen a couple of good projects, we start to draw tables in Excel with our future incomes, geometrical progressions for couple of years forward, schemes of redistributions, reinsurances, modulations etc. Plans and schedules is certainly are not bad, but be not upset, if in a year or two from now, you still have no millions.

Choice of the longest plans with the greatest percent. In 80 % cases, projects for this term are already closed. Invest in more short plans that at the first necessity, it is possible to quickly return the deposit back.

Reinvest all! You successfully transform hundred in 200, 200 in 400, 400 in 800 … Already count on the calculator, in what day your hundred will turn to ten thousand, and here bang! and all turned to a zero. It is not necessary to run from the project, having withdrawn the first interest, but also reinvest sooner or later is necessary to stop.

Attempt to take a credit to earn in HYIPs, and leave the interest. Remember, loss of credits in HYIPs, is the stablest result of all similar situations! Invest only your money. After all in case of loss of personal money - you start from zero. But if you lose the lend - you should start from minus!

Attempt to earn a lot with nothing or small amount. You could get stuck for years at level of 1-10 dollars if will not start to risk more there where there is a real good possibility to earn. In no event we do not urge beginners to invest large sums in time of training! Simply, when you met really excellent project, you should squeeze out a maximum for such situation, because they are not so frequent, as it would be desirable.


But the main mistake is doing nothing. If you are afraid to make mistakes and constantly observe everything from outside then your training will be very long. Personal experience - the fastest way of training. And even if you avoid all mistakes above, you already saved months of your new investment life!

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